Animation Problems

Hey I’m having problems with my animations for my game and the problem was kinda hard to explain so I made a video. There’s a few problems I tried to demonstrate so I will try to explain them below.

First is the obvious the animations don’t play until I press escape twice. I show the script that uses escape but I’m not sure how or why that affects my animations.

Second is the muzzle flash particle effect doesn’t stick well to the RayPoint (the object used for casting rays… obviously) It may have been hard to see in the video but its sort of there.

Last, is another problem with the lockcursor script. The cursor begins to show again after you “resume” play again. But that’s the least of my concerns right now.

Any help will be appreciated. Thank you!

It looks like something might be setting timescale to 0, and your ‘escape’ code sets it to 0, then 1 when you hit escape twice. That’s probably why the animations are funky.

Is it possible your raypoint isn’t moving with the gun?