Animation Rigging foot placement issue (leg sliding)

Hello everyone,

I have issues with the animation rigging package and the Two Bone IK Constraint.
I want implementing foot placement for an 3D spider model. So I do a raycast from the leg in order to get the point where the leg should be and the I move the IK target position.y to the hit point.y.
The problem is that the leg keep sliding indefinitely and I don't know why.
I tried to move the code in Update function, LateUpdate and FixedUpdate but nothing is changing.
You can see the problem here :

How can I resolve it.
Thanks you for your help.

Hey Obi,

Is it possible your raycast origin is on the leg so as you move it towards your target, your raycast target moves too and cause this infinite leg movement effect?

I don't think the problem come from that, because I only move the target on the Y axis, and in many tutorial people are doing the same thing.

Hum.. hard to say with just a video like that then