Animation Rigging IK Jitter

I’m using a two bone IK Constraint in the Unity Animation Rigging package (ver. 1.0.3) to position my arm on a gun. See the YouTube video link if you want to see the jitter:

A couple things to note here:

  1. the gun is not moving, so the IK target isn’t either.
  2. this object is having root motion applied to it via fixedUpdate, however, even when using regular root motion, or not having any root motion at all, this issue is still there.
  3. when I apply an avatar mask that does not animate the arms, the issue is still there, so I do not believe that the base animation is the problem here. I have also tried setting the animator speed to 0 and still get jitter.

Thanks in advance for your help

The solution was that the character was too far away from world zero