Animation Rigging - Issue with Override Transform - not working on some joint


i try to override the foot of my character , it's working almost on all joint but not on the leg and the foot joint.

i don't understand why, maybe i am doing something wrong ?
is a quick fox to that ?

Thank you for your help.
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Hi dpoputznik, are you, by any chance, using a Two Bone IK constraint on the Leg somewhere in your Rig Setup? At first glance, looking at the leg behavior, it looks like the Foot is being overwritten by an IK constraint.

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hi @jnseb ,

Thank you for your reply.
no i just use the override transform Rig.
i am quit new on unity, so maybe i am doing something wrong.

1) I create an character with adobe Fuse
2) export to mixamo and export some fbx with animation to unity
3) in unity convert to a humanoid character (to use other mocap data)
3) create an timeline to add the animation clip
4) create the small setup like on the video (without two IK bone)
5) create an overite track and activate record and try to move the leg. (work only on toe)

it's possiblethe character have some blendshape or other deformer made by mixamo when i import the fbx character ?

here the link of the character and the script i made to create the automaticOverride transform setup

Thank you for your help.
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this worked for me :)

That's a different issue...

I am maybe ultra late : but there is a foot-ik option that can prevent your override transform to move the foot, this come from the timeline behavior , bcs ,if this foot ik option is enable on one of the animation that is layered on the timeline, the foot ik position will be calculated from the animator rather that using the animation rig stuff that impact the foots.
For moving foots you will have to take care of each animations "foot ik" parameter: the FootIK option is in the inspector when clicking each animation in the timeleline.
This behavior happen with Humanoid and not Generic characters because the foots IK in the animator are evaluated when the avatar is type of humanoid