Animation Rigging messes up Humanoid Animations

So I recently was fonded of the Animation Rigging Package..everything seems to be going fine but when I add the Rig Component to my humanoid character his animations mess up his legs bend in a weird position, and he is just positioned weirdly. I am using Unity I don't know if this has been fixed or the problem is still occurring.


Before Rig Builder
After Rig Builder

Much Thanks!

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I'm not sure that I see how they are bent weirdly! I don't see a difference between the two images.

Ah, Hold on lemme here's a better angle


His foot in the ground..and he looks weird

I've noticed the same thing happen, it seems the package doesn't compensate for different root rotations, so if you got a animation that has the spine bones not pointed straight then you got a problem (most animations will cause a problem..)

Ooo alright, so do you think a different animation would do? or I need to fix something in the rig??

Any help here? I've been struggling with this for months now and with different versions of animation rigging, but nothing helps. I have the exact same problem of bending knees, and in addition some of my locomotion animations are having weird displacements.

I'm in the same situation, the rigging package completely messes up my animations. Any help on this? is it a bug?