Animation Rigging Package and UMA models

Hi. I have some problems with this package (animation rigging) when I use uma models and animations.
The green point is IK reference and the blue one is a hand bone. You can see they do not match.
My setting is correct.

Scales of bones are not one (1,1,1), they change in runtime at the beginning when the mesh is created. For example RightArm scale is 1.062977.
Does rigging calculations start immediately after the scene is loaded? Can we have some events to start rigging?
How do I handle it? I change the scales to (1,1,1) in play mode but the result does not differ.
Animation rigging version: 0.2.7
Unity version: 2019.4.13

Unfortunately, I can not change my unity version to 2020 and use newer animation rigging versions like 0.3:/

I'm not sure I understand. You want the hint and the hand bone to match in position/rotation? Why?

It is not hint! I said wrong.
I mean sign/point whatever (green and blue)
I want to match hand bone point(wrist) with IK reference. It is exactly what IK does.

Ah ok!

Not sure, I used the Two Bone IK rig on a lot of characters and it always worked. Do you have some min/max constraints on the character's avatar that could prevent it from reaching the target properly? Also, make sure the hint influence and all other influences are at 1 and not 0.5. I had an issue in the past where I forgot to set the hint to 1 since it's kinda hidden in the settings... Otherwise the scale might be the issue, the animation graph might be built even before awake so not sure you can change the scale like that in play mode. So you are creating the mesh at runtime? Can you try with a mesh pre-created with the scale back to 1,1,1??

Have you worked with Uma?
The problem is about non uniform scaling (scales of bones)
Yes, Uma creates meshes at runtime. I have to do it.
I am really confused why animation rigging package does not care non uniform scaling

I think 0.3 animation rigging has solved it (non uniform scaling) but I have to use Unity 2019. Can we have it in 2019 version(0.2.)?

Perhaps you could verify if 0.3 solves the problem you are facing. If it does you could include the 0.3 version of the TwoBoneIK in your project as a custom constraint. I describe how to do this in the thread that brought the scaling issue to our attention. Now you should be able to copy the constraint code from the 0.3 and only need to rename the constraint to avoid naming conflicts.

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