Animation Rigging Package no Twist Chain Constraint

Hi, I’m exploring the constraints of the Animation Rigging Package and I’m using 2019.3.0f6. I can’t seem to find the Twist Chain Constraint in the Package prior to following the siggraph2019_unity_animation_rigging_workshop.pdf.

There are Twist Correction and Chain IK, but no Twist Chain Constraint.

Any thoughts on this?
Thank you.

No luck here either, I don’t know where to find it, even though it’s in the official documentation itself?You can see it here, but I can’t find it in the package…

Hi, I emailed Unity before and they said:

“The Twist Chain Constraint is added in the Animation Rigging 0.3.2-preview package which you can find 2020.1.0a22 version and above.
Please update your Unity editor to the latest possible.”