Animation Script Problem.

function Update ()

{ {if (Input.GetButton("Forward")) animation.Play ("walk"); if(Input.GetButton("Backward")) animation.Play ("walk"); if(Input.GetButton("Left")) animation.Play ("walk"); if(Input.GetButton("Right")) animation.Play ("walk");} else animation.Play("idle"); }

I'm new to all this, so there's probably a really obvious solution, but "walk" animation only plays when "right" button is pressed.

First you should use CrossFade instead of Play. The second will stop previous animation and start abruptly the new one, whereas the first blend them (look the doc for more infos).

Then, use Debug.Log to make sure your inputs works fine.

Finally, set the walk animation wrapMode to loop, if it's not already.

If that still doesn't work, please explain what happens.