Animation Sequence

Please excuse lack of correct terminology here.

I have an animated model imported into unity, and the animation divided up (Frame 1-25 is idle 26 – 50 is walk, etc, though in tthis case they are numbered.)

What I’m hoping to do is create a sequence for the animations without having to animate the sequence.

To make it clearer – my model is a skipping rope. I have it animated at 5 different speeds. Instead of animating it 4 times at one speed, 5 on the next, etc, is there a way I could instead script the animation to “Play 1, play 1, play 2, play 1, play 3”

(Is possible, eventually stopping on playing just one, though I do not mind having the entire thing loop.)

I saw an answer where a similar question was asked about idle animations, as somebody wanted it to play one animation twice for every one the other played to add some variety.

Any help that could be offered is greatly appreciated – I realise this may be a very simple fix, simpler if I could just animate it – but I would ideally like the option to go in and change the sequence without reanimating the entire thing.
(I am also happy to provide further details to help clarify)

You could use PlayQueued in a script. Note that you can change the speed at which animations are played, so you don’t need different clips at all.