Animation + sound on collision

I tried many scripts to make this work but i can’t find anything that i want.

I am making a scary game and what i want is when the fps collides through a invisible and untoucheble cube, a animation has to start and it has to make a creepy sound (only 1 time).

The animation is called: Ghost 1
The sound effect is called: Woman_Scream

I hope someone can help me, thanks

Actually it is fairly easy, and just to elaborate on what whydoidoit said:

  • Fist make a box of any size
  • Tick the “Is Trigger” box in the Inspector
  • Name it ScreamTriggerWall (fits the upcoming code)
  • Not add a script (in this case it’s a C#-script)
  • Add the script to your FPS
  • Add the following code
   void OnTriggerEnter(Collider col)
		 * If the name of the object is "ScreamTriggerWall"
		 * - Then play a screaming sound
		 * NOTE: Figure out how to do that...
    	if( == "ScreamTriggerWall")
    		// play sound now