Animation & sound over network

Hello! I’m currently trying to build a test multiplayer FPS game to learn. Everything else works except the animation and sound over network. The client that plays sound and animation can see it, but the other clients (or server) can’t. For sound, can I just put @RPC(IDK why that links up to a user account but anyway) infont of the function that calls the sound and network.instantiate the physical sound(sound attached to an empty) and play it on awake? For animation, I have seen a lot of Q&As. But I do not understand what they are saying xD I learn faster with a test script and modifying it on my own and studying it. They make a test script but I don’t understand a bit. Can you please put a test script describing bits and pieces on the animation script? Like using //. I’m sorry if I’m posting another question even though there are questions like this everywhere. Thank you(future tense)!

this is how i got the crouch animation on my game to work and everyone connected sees it put a network view on every object animating and this script does the rest

#pragma strict

var crouch : boolean = false;

function Update () {
	if(networkView.isMine == true){
		if(Input.GetKeyDown("c") && crouch == false){
		// if i press c and i have not crouched the animation will play and go to the function fun1
		if(Input.GetKeyDown("c") && crouch == true){
		// if i press c and i have crouched then it will play the animation to go back to normal and set crouch to false
		crouch = false;

function fun1 () {
	// it will wait 1 seccond then set crouch to true
	yield WaitForSeconds(1);
	crouch = true;