Animation speed mec anim ground movement fbx settings

I have imported a bought fbx character the character is a humanoid and i therefore set as as humanoid (mecanim)

Hello All,
I have the character working with scripts c# etc.

The character doesn't move or translate in the scene (he does animate correctly). All the tutorials I have seen related to mecanim preview of animations the floor grid is passing under the character at speed . With my model he is animating (running) and the floor grid stays still.
I have tried messing with every setting.
Is this extra function something I can only achieve with 3ds max or maya?

or is there a work around with unity or fbx files to get the most out of mecanim.?

Like I said I purchased the model some months ago not from unity and have a back catalogue of animations I was hoping to bring into the unity product I would rather use mechanim rather than legacy as these are early days of Unity for me so I am trying to pick the technology that isn't going to be dropped tomorrow.

many thanks

What script are you using to move the character?
The animation alone wont move, it needs to be scripted to do that.

Sounds like your animations are in-place (versus root motion).

To use Mecanim, you'll have to script root motion. Here's Unity's tutorial: Scripting Root Motion.