animation switch too fast

i have two sets of animation, one is idle the other is attack, once the attack is played it cross fades to the idle state too quickly, anyway to slow this down?

i tried slowing down the animation itself, it doesn’t have any effect on the cross fade speed (animation switch)

Waaaay late to the party here, 8yrs, so might not be relevant BUT I cached the current state (on the 3rd layer), called rebind, then used to force the character into the animation they were just in with the normalized time value for the cached sate.

	void RebindAndRestoreAnimator()
		// Cache info
		Animator anim = PlayerInfo.playerAnim;
		AnimatorStateInfo info = anim.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo(3);
		// Rebind then resetinfo
		anim.Play(info.shortNameHash, 3, info.normalizedTime);

Crossfade has a fadeLength parameter doing just that. Or do you mean that it crossfades the idle during the attack which means the strike isn’t complete and looks weak ? Then you need a higher layer for the attack animationState.