Animation Template

Hi. I am new to Unity but have been using a couple of other tools previously. I am a 3d Animation director and have lots of characters in Maya with Animations which i would like to use in Unity as enemies. However, i am in a fix as to how to use specific set of Animation for a particular event. For example, in FPS creator, they had an animation template (frame 0-** is walk, frame ** to * run and so on. And each of them had a action number assigned to it) so, while scripting, we could use these to make our characters move or fight or do whatever. Similarly we could change the type of animation but keep the frma number intact. I was wondering if it is the same in Unity. If yes? can anyone provide me the template? if not, i would be greatly obliged if the more experienced users could shed some lights on the issue or share how they import enemy animation from 3rd party softwares and then script them in unity. Thanks in advance. Aniruddha, India.

As someone pointed out already check out the documentation: Split animation in FBXImporter is what you're looking for.

Thank a lot to all of you. I actually didn't go through the entire documentation. What i came to know is that Unity doesn't have a fixed animation template unlike a lot of other engines where they have a fixed animation template which need to be followed.