Animation timeline

Hello people.

I create stuff for AssetStore and use 3ds max and Unity 5.
Can someone tell me how I need to work with timeline?

When I create animation for several objects, I need to animate them one by one? (Example: from Frame 0 to Frame 60 object 01 rotates 360 degrees, then from Frame 60 to Frame 120 object 02 rotates 360 degrees) OR I need to animate every one object in same time. (Every one rotates from Frame 0 to Frame 60).
I know that I need to assign animation controllers in Unity, and if I create all animations in same time, I need only one controller for many objects.
If there, any benefits to animate objects one by one and have multiple controllers later in game development?

It really helps to animate things “one by one” so you can easily add variables and access them. As an example have an animation for “Rotation” and one for “Shooting” or whatever else is in your game.

Hope it helps @JarGraf