Animation Transitions Not Working Properly

Hi I have been messing around with 3d characters and I was trying to animate a humanoid character. I had watched all the 3d animation tutorials by Unity and had previously done animation in 2d, however, I successfully set up the transitions between the animations and created conditions under which they change but whenever I play the game it acts as if it works (all the numbers and conditions work) but when I press the key to walk forwards it starts working but then stops at the end of the animation duration. The animator acts as if the animation is being played again and again but there is just a frozen pose on screen.

Please help, I’m not sure what I did wrong but it’s extremely annoying.

Hi when you are importing the animations make sure to check loop time and probably loop pose depending on your animation.

this is done in the inspector

I had this problem and to solve it I had to uncheck “Has Exit Time.”

I think the problem is when you use parameters as a speed multiplier (like I did,) it multiplies the current speed (which is very low because you are about to walk) by the transition time, making the transition time unreasonably long.