Animation View changes character transform (bug or feature)

Ethan2 character is used. When I enter record mode in Animation View, character body and pivot point is moved off the previous position(where capsule holder,point light are). [By my option “Jump” animation should start playing from (orginal eg.capsule position) when you move the time slider]. Problem is that after switch off record mode everything left screwed in Scene, even character is left in state of the frame you was using in Animation View. This makes sync some new animations with ex. “Jump” animation, I wanted to added “CapsuleHolder” as property and animate, visually impossible. Any thoughts? Did I miss best practices? :slight_smile:

PropertyModification modifications=PrefabUtility.GetPropertyModifications(animatedObject1).Select((itm)=>itm).Where((itm)=>!=typeof(UnityEngine.Transform)).ToArray();