Animation View is not showing GameObject properties

Unity version 4.3.1f1 installed in windows 8.1

  1. From Unity Window menu select Animation.
  2. Animation View is opened.
  3. Select some game object from hierarchy view
  4. Animation view is not showing the selected object properties as it should regarding to manuals

Unity 4.3.1 changed the Animation View from previous versions. It does not seem like the manual has been updated yet.

You probably see the big button label “Add Curve”? Click it and a list of all properties appear, click on the + button next to the properties you wish to animate. They will now be added to the main animation view.

Thanks GameVortex!

For some reason when I pressed the Add Curve button, it just asked me the file name where the animation is stored. So I named the file, but there was still no properties visible. Maybe i did something wrong previously? But now I know how to do it! So many thanks.
And as you propably guessed I’am beginner with Unity.

Look at the inspector of the gameobject that you have selected.

  1. Does the gameobject have an animator component? If not, add it.
  2. Does the animator component have a controller selected? If not, create one.
  3. Open the controller. Is there a state the corresponds to your animation? If not, create one.
  4. Click on the state. Is the motion the new animation you want to edit? If it is not, drag your animation there from the project view.
  5. Double click on the animation.
  6. Now click add curves to select which elements of the gameobject you wish to animate.