Animation, when can we preview it again?

I get that you only want to talk about the 1.0 packages, also respect its probably under heavy development but really its such a ubiquitous aspect of game development, I think it'd be silly not to ask. When can we see an experimental(or super radioactive) package again?
Also why not have the development a bit more open again? Were the public releases of dots from 0.0.0x to where we are currently not beneficial?


Hello baron! Always nice to hear from you, I know you're a long-timer here in the forums.

We're always excited to share more when we can, and be open with our development. The community's feedback is very valuable and is a strong driving force internally for our products. I hope we've reflected that from our quarterly releases of ECS for Unity in 2022. Regarding animation, we're currently at a stage where we're not just quite ready to put out an experimental package

We hope to get good progress on Animation in 2023 and engage with our early adopters here, as we have for the recently released ECS for Unity packages.

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