Animation window but but not in game

I can see the animations working in animator if i click on the transitions and such but they don’t work in game, the model just sets itself to what looks like the keyframe (root pose? idk what’s happening), but after that none of the animations play.

The weird part is that it’s animating, the object is moving, but after it moves to this position it doesn’t move after that.

(Game not running)

Game running and animations playing
(This is the only thing that happens, the animation doesn’t actually play the weapon just moves and that’s it)

I think this has something to do with legacy / generic animations since viewing the animations through the animation window works but I honestly have no clue, any help would be great. Thanks!

Also, if I use the animation window to look at the animations, i can scroll through them and play them through it, it’s just when I use the animator that it stops working.