Animation Window empty when I select a GameObject

I’ve spent the morning following a video tutorial on YouTube, attempting to make a simple survival game in Unity. However, when I attempted to make my first animation, the “Animation” window doesn’t show any of the attributes of the GameObject I’ve selected. Why is this happening?

I think this is due to an upgrade. (i just ran into the same thing).
It used to be that any object you selected would automatically show all it’s variables in the Animation Window.
but now, it seems you need to record a change to kickstart the appearance of variables. (probably due to the integration of the new Mechanim Animator stuff?).

So, the quick fix I found was to:

  1. select the object you want to animate.
  2. click the red recording button at the top left of the Animation Window. This will prompt you to name the new animation clip you are creating (which will then show up as an item in the Project window).
  3. now that you are in the active recording mode, translate, rotate, or scale your object. When you mess with any of these actions, they will show up in the Animation window.

That’s it. maybe they thought this would save space (only showing what you force to appear). But it’s pretty confusing to anyone following an old tutorial (potentially thousands of new users? sigh).

Btw, the official Animation window page in the online manual (as of Janurary 2014) has more info:

whilst the legacy Animation page describes the old ways:

Can you click where the arrow is? Then hit create new clip.[20775-screen+shot+2014-01-17+at+2.55.40+pm.png|20775]