Animation Window: How to scale keyframes to increase time?

Im sorry if this was already posted but i couldn't find an answer anywhere. I was wondering if there was away to scale up the amount of time an animation takes. Im thinking something similar to blender where you select keyframes and you can scale them to make them take more or less time. Thank you.

Set your timeline to the first keyframe of the animation, then go to the keyframes in animation view, select all of them (you can use “b” to “box select” them, or drag a box and grab all of them), and press “s” to scale - it literally scales the speed of the animation by moving the keyframes towards (faster) or away (slower) from the current point on the timeline.

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animation["clip"].speed is what you're looking for.

If not that, take a gander at the animation section of the scripting reference, and look for animation curves.

There is a property called Sample in the animation window. You can increase and decrease the number to scale the keyframes across the timeline.

As explained in this video (2:40)

I made this small custom editor that scales the time of a clip. Maybe that helps if you don’t want to mess with the speed or samples to keep it all constant. The scale tangent checkbox is if you want to scale the curve tangents or not.

If u are looking for merely scaling the keyframes in the animation window, you can do so by selecting the required keyframe(select the start key frame the hold shift and select the end key frame. This gives a blue box) Then hold either of the blue Box Selection handles at the left and right side of the selected keys, and drag horizontally.

if u scale to reduce the time, this means that many keyframes in between might end up on the same frame and therefore in effect u get to see fewer keyframes. (more keyframes are crammed into less space)

For detailed documentation, visit: link text

if you’re having trouble in the animation panel and have seem to run out of space on your timeline to continue animating, just drag your last keyframe out beyond the right side of the window. The timeline will expand as necessary. I’m not sure if that’s what you meant, but hopefully this will help someone else.

The distance between two key frames controls the amount of time the animation takes. Move the key frames apart to slow down the animation; closer together to speed up the animation.

If the Animation panel window stops at 1:00 minute and you need to extend the panel to 2:00 minutes, use the middle mouse wheel to scroll in our out.

A way that worked for me: Unity 5 doesn’t let you use that line anymore, so using code to speed the animation isn’t as smooth. There’s a really easy solution that I’m surprised no one has seen yet: if you open up the animation window, there is an option for “Samples.” Just change that. It should be at 24… so if you want it twice as fast, just set it to 48, and so forth.

Let’s try to increasing frame size in Unity.

  1. Insert an animation from Unity.
  2. Click the animation. It will load the following screen(see the image).
  3. In this section, you can select your animation starting positions and ending positions and so on and also you can increase the frame size from this by increasing the start and end. More difference between start and end, the key frames will be bigger and the animation will be slower in Unity.
  4. Then add other things as usually, like loop control: yes and so on.

Hopefully, your questions answer has gotten on How to scale key frames to increase time in Unity.

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