Animationlayer: attack animations got useless

Hey folks,
I´ve got a problem with my animations from Mixamo. I try to develop a first-person RPG and currently I implemented an animation layer in order to show the attack animations (horizontal slash) while running, idle and so on. In order to do so I created a avatar mask, marked legs and IK of them red - usal, and its woking fine, but:
The attack animation gets lot of it
s rotation (in direction of the swordattack) from the legs -which are overriden now. So the movement of the hand stops in front of the body and not at the leftside of the character -after drawing a beautiful semicircle as it should supposed to be ;) .

May someone help me with this problem? Is there a way to transfer the leg rotation to the upper body?

If there are still understanding issues (I`m bad with explainations) please take a look the last seconds of this video: Holistic3D has the same problem at the end of her tutorial... the slash doesnt go far enough.
minute 13:00

Thanks in advance! :)

Yes, common problem. In short, if your anims are truly split into top half and bottom half, you cant get that nice full body motion that you're after. One trick that'd work would be to create an additive layer that had the pelvis motion you're after and mask off everything else. Then just have it play under the same circumstances as the attack anim, so you're blending 3 anims together now. Its a bit of a hack, but any solution to your problem is going to be a bit of a hack. Its well possible that the legs will not like what you're doing to the pelvis and it'll look stupid if you do it the way I suggested. The real solution would be to make perhaps 3 to 6 attack animations that start at different points in the run, figure out where you are in the run cycle, and very quickly blend-in the correct attack to match foot placement. Since you probably arent up to that tricky task, I'm afraid there's probably no great way to do it.


Running attacks always look silly and behave differently. Your best bet is to use an entirely different animation when attacking while running.
You could still have it look similar, but try to get the hip movement out of it.
You could also try using a blend tree where the standing attacking animation is played at speed 0 and the running attack animation is played at speed 1- this will give you a bit more hip swing if you have a "walking" speed.
It might look a bit funny, but I think trying to blend in hip/leg movement of a sword swing while running will look even worse.

Hey folks, thanks for the replies. Sounds pretty tricky what you are saying.
At first, Ill import the slashaniamtions in Blender. Maybe I can rotate a spin bone a bit more ( the head will be overridden by the walking/idle/whatever anyway). If this one isnt working, I`m going to experiment with the blendtree. :smile:

If somebody else is dealing with this problem:
Editing the Mixamo animation worked good for me. I recommend to download them as fbx, uniform and 30 fps. In Blender you can switch back to 60 fps when you re going to export.

I forgot to mention that a cheap but effective solution is to make the running attack look like a jump-attack. The feet don't matter at that point, and while nobody would really have the energy to do that move, it can look pretty epic in practice.