Animations, are they frame rate independent?


So I just learned how to use the animation view in Unity, but am having some problems understanding it.

You see, in the animation view, I can choose the frame at which I want an event or keyframe to occur. Well, what happens if the frame rate is different for different machines?

I understand how to make other things in unity frame rate independent by using Time.deltaTime, but what about animations? For example, is there any way to define that I want a cube to rotate 90 degrees over the z-axis in half a second?

Currently I made the animation in the animation view, and it is attached to the cube. When I want to in another script, I just fire the animation by calling


where rotate is the name of the animation. Essentially, I need to make it frame rate independent, but don’t know how.


Yes, they are frame rate independent. The text box is for entering seconds, not frames.