Animations doesn't apply to my 3d model when i drag it into 3d view


I have a problem that i just couldn’t figure out. I’ve tried google and these forums for a long time now so i figured i would try asking about it here incase any one knows what is wrong with my project.

So i have created this 3d model in blender with animations also made in blender, i then export it as a FBX file and import it into unity.

Now the part that is working is i can see my model and all its components in the asset tab i can even preview the animation.

But when i drag the model out in the 3d view the animation component doesn’t follow so it has no actual animations which also reflect when i try to play them.

This is prob a simple solution but i can’t figure it out ( im releativly new to unity and blender ) i would be very happy if some one can point out what is wrong here :).

First you don’t need to export it as an .FBX you can just save it as a .blend and unity will import it. Second to get any animations to show up you will have to select the model in the project tab and go under the animation tab in the import settings and set all your animations names and the corresponding frames there and then they should show up.