Animations in Loading Screen

I was wondering if there was anyway in Unity3d pro to make an animation during a loading screen? I have heard that this isnt possible in Unity3d Free but is it possible in Pro?
Or If there is going to be any new updates that wil allow you to do this?
Thanks in advance JayM :slight_smile:

On web or mobile?

On web, the initial loading screen has some limited customisation options if you have pro. Otherwise, if you game consists of >1 scenes, and you set it to stream, then you can use this in the first scene:

…and write your own custom loading animations for the rest of the game.,Are you referencing Web, iOS, or Android?

If you have pro, you can change the default Unity loading screen. On web, this is restricted to chancing colours, an image, and changing the loading bar. However, if you have several scenes, and allow the later levels to stream in, you can show a completely custom loading interface in the first scene, using

Does that make sense? :slight_smile: