Animations not playing on 3rd person controller.


I am currently learning Unity 4 and have run into a snag. I’ve been using Mixamo to rig and animate my models, but when adding standard 3rd person controllers to said models and then assigning my created animations, the character will only move around and perform the idle anim.

I have set the character model and animation rigs to legacy as per mixamo instruction, but can not get these to work. The animations play fine in the preview window with any rigged model it seems.

I am stumped and feel like my learning cannot progress until I get past this snag. Any help will be appreciated.

If you need any screenshots or anything, let me know.

Kind Regards

Peter :smiley:

Maybe you should just create your own controller? That fixed it for me. But if you can’t, then look at the imported model in the inspector. Go to the rigs tag, and check if the it is set to Legacy. If not, change it to Legacy.

Switching to Legacy will probably solve the issue.