Animations not usable

Hello, I modeled a simple person in blender and exported it and its animations to the dxf format. Unity imported the file properly and in the project pane I've set the correct frames for the animation's start and end points. There are two animations:

  • idle
  • walk

The animations should be stored in the root GameObject. I added the model to an, except of the camera and a point light, empty scene and wrote a simple script

// Use this for initialization
void Start () {


// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {

} However during Play mode Unity informed me that there is no animation named "Walk" ("walk", the lowercase version didn't work, too) . After I inspected the problem in the Inspector I agreed with Unity: There is no such animation. The GameObject "Person2" has an animation Component but its "Animation" variable is set to "None(Animation Clip)" and the "Animations" list is therefore empty. It is impossible to access the models animations. What shall I do?

You're better off just saving as a Blender file instead of exporting anything. Unity only imports animation via .fbx, which automatically happens with .blend files.

You just need to add them into the model - eithr drag them into the animation array in the inspector, or click each item of the animation array, and select it from the pulldown menu

You'll probably want to set Idle to the default animation at the top in addition