Animations the noob nightmare

Hi all,

i am starting with animations and its been a pain :frowning:

In theory all seems so simple:
1 - Get a human model
2 - Apply animation that already exist (fail to encounter)
3 - Use the model in the game (with animator)

Can i use a predefined bone structure? that i can apply to my model?
Is there a place where i can just get several animation for a given bone structure (then not mixamo)?

I have goolem model with animation and it works great, can i use its animation to another model how?

Thanks for any points or directions.

Unity has two animation systems: Legacy and Mecanim. Mecanim was introduced in Unity 4. The best way to start is to read the documentation and watch some tutorial videos. Unity provides very good documentation and tutorial projects. Try them out first; if you have more specific questions afterward, Unity Answers is a good place to ask them.

For Mecanim:

In brief, Mecanim (which requires Unity 4+) is in many ways a much simplified and more flexible animation system. Generally speaking, you can use any predefined bone structure and retarget any animation to it. Unity provides several animations in a free starter pack, and a comprehensive example project. You can download both from the Asset Store. With Mecanim you should be able to apply your golem animations to another model that uses a different bone structure.

For Legacy animation:

The legacy animation system doesn’t support retargeting. You can only apply your golem animations to another model that uses the exact same bone structure. But if you’re still using Unity 3, this is your only option. Also, many third-party components are designed to work only with the legacy animation system.