Animations, Unity and iPad

Hi there !

We’re student that are developing a video game for iPad on Unity.
The game is like an animated book.
We’d like to make the book’s pictures appear like that when you turn the page:

For this our artist used a shader playing a video mask.
We’ve learned that the video texture wasn’t supported on Ipad and iphone build.
Until now we didn’t succeed to put our project on ipad. So we’re not sure if this solution is going to work.

We’d like to know how to make this type of “appearing effect” working on Ipad.
We thought about shader with a “mask” that could be scaled in time that could make something pretty close to the video mask.
But we’re not sure that is supported on ipad also…
Does someone’s got an idea of a working solution on Ipad?

Thanks all for your time.

Yes you can write shaders for iPad. This is probably the easiest was to go about creating such a reveal effect.

Thanks ! Our programmer is still trying (and failing) to put our unity project on an iPad so we couldn’t test these animations.
So shaders and masks will do the trick ? That’s great news !,Thank you for your answer ! Our programmer is still trying to get our unity project on iPad (and still failing due to weird errors with Xcode and so on) so shaders and mask are totally working on iPad ? that’s great news :slight_smile: