Animations work for generic rig but not humanoid.

I have a set of animations that work with my test character when the character asset has generic rig set on import, but they do not work when importing and and settin rig as humanoid.

For the same character asset if imported with humanoid rig set (auto configuration), all my other animations work, but not the set I can use when it is imported with generic rig.

Anyone have an idea y this would be so? And how might I fix this?


So I have a partial solution.

The animations that I was importing were in the form of fbx files. These fbx files actually each contained the character mesh (used when creating it i guess), skeleton hierarchy, and the animation data.

I hadn’t noticed it but the Unity icon for them was not the animation clip icon but a imported model icon (cube with sheet of pater in front). So each FBX is more than just the animation.

So if I modify the rig of the FBX import from generic to humanoid, now I can drop in any humanoid rigged character into the preview panel and see the animation playing on that character (semi-correctly).

The only problem is that the animation is now rotated about y by about 45 degrees, so walk forward animation now moves the character diagonally instead of straight ahead (when it was rigged generic it did not do this).

First off how would I extract a Mecanim animation clip from each fbx? Also how would I fix the incorrect global y rotation I am seeing for the animation?