Animations work great in Blender, but deform the mesh in unity

Blender v2.63 – Unity v3.51

I’ve been creating a character in Blender fully rigged, weight painted and has a few animations. the animations play wonderfully in Blender, however once I import the model into to unity and play the animations with the animation player in unity. its deforming the mesh horribly

In Blender (Works)

alt text

In Unity (Failed D: )

alt text

I have a feeling it has something do with the weight paints, and some of the bones sharing vertex’s, is there anyway around this or can 1 vertex only belong to 1 bone? or am i completely off the mark.

any ideas would be great…

Thanks Tristan.

Okay, so after some more research and playing around, I found out how to fix the PROBLEMS

  1. Unity had to be set to 4 bones, for some reason on auto it was only doing 1-2 bones
  2. my Spine bone on the armutare for some of my animations was twisted by 90 degrees on the y axis, for some reason it was “ignoring” this in blender, but when i pulled up all the axis’s on the bones I noticed that it was off, even tho when is set up the roll on my bones they were all right… so anyway fixed that.
  3. Weight Painting I redid all of this to smooth it out better in unity since I am only working with 4 bones and there were 5-6 bones that had “some” effect on that area which isn’t a good idea as you can see.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions, helped a ton, specially the bone setting.