I was doing a lot of reading in the Unity script reference and I understand Animation.Play and I know this sounds stupid but how would I make my own animation? like for example when I’m teleporting, make an animation that makes the screen blue with lines and stuff, I know this is a bad question but how would I do that?

Fading the screen that can be done with a white 1x1 texture, OnGUI, GUI.DrawTexture, GUI.color, an alpha and a coroutine. I’ll let you put those together.

2D animation is more complicated, and I’m not really skilled in that area. If you want something more complicated than a shape moving / growing or fading, you’ll need to animate a sprite by animating the offset of the UV.

Animation, the component Animation, is only making a value change from the frame t to the frame t+1 according to a list of keyframe and interpolations. You can make those keyframes, contained inside an animation clip, in your usual 3D app or that way.