Animator and Physics

So I’m having a lot of trouble with seeing the correct physics and I can’t find out why.


  • RigidBody (3D)
  • Collider (not that should really matter)
  • Move script, for jump AddForce(…, .VelocityChange)

So I’m using an animator, but for some reason when I jump, it seems to be in slow motion. Weird thing is, non physics things move at a normal time scale. Things I’ve checked:

  • Turn the animator off (doesn’t do anything, same effect)
  • Check the gravity (correct, -9.81 in Y-axis)
  • Check the time scale (x1, correct)

What does “fix” it, is upping the gravity to something like -100, but then you get a bit of disjointed physics in the sense that it’s hard to scale the in-game physics back to real life. Also you have to exert a lot of force (or velocity) to get anything done in the Y-axis.

Is there anything else I can check? Because I can’t explain why this happens … I’ve looked around here too, and tried most things above, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Actors, animated or otherwise, do not typically employ rigidbody physics to drive motion. Animated actors and rigidbodies do not play well together. It won’t crash Unity, but you cannot expect predictable, stable behavior. The guidelines regarding rigidbodies are rather strict. The answer is: rigidbodies or character controllers; pick one. If you’ve got animated actors, don’t pick rigidbodies.