Animator Bool: How do you use it?

I’ve been searching for a way to use bool for an Animator parameter. I couldn’t find a single straightforward answer. The places I looked typically had a link to a tutorial that didn’t answer my question. Can anyone just go through the process of using bool parameters in the Animator without directing me to a tutorial?

Many thanks in advance,

EDIT: Answer is actually in the comments below. I just want to give credit to kacyesp.

I’m assuming you figured out how to create a bool parameter, and in the animator you set the condition on a transition to use that bool?

If you got that far then this is all that’s left to do.
You would attach a script like this to the game object that has the Animator component.
In the script, you just get the animator component, and use it to set the value of the parameters. Here’s a link to the documentation for the Animator class: Unity - Scripting API: Animator

public class Boss {

    public Animator animator;

    void Start() {
        animator = GetComponent()<Animator>();

    void Update() {
        animator.SetBool( "nameOfParameter", yourTrueOrFalseValueGoesHere );