Animator bool not doing anything

There are two animations with script controlled bools that aren’t working. The idle animation isn’t playing.

private bool isReloading = false;

public Animation P_Recoil;
public Animator P_Controller; 

void Update () {
	P_Controller.SetBool ("P_isReloading", isReloading); 

	if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Reload") && !isReloading) {
		isReloading = true; 
		StartCoroutine (Reload()); 


IEnumerator Reload () {
		CurrentAmmo = 0; 
		yield return new WaitForSeconds (0.0f); 
		reloadSound.Play (); 
		if (reloadSound.isPlaying == false) {
			isRPlaying = true; 
		isRPlaying = false; 
		yield return new WaitForSeconds (ReloadTime); 
		CurrentAmmo = MaxAmmo;
		isReloading = false; 

@chiker (I had to reply because the comment wasn’t working)

For the transition on the left: