Animator can only make one transition per State??

I’ve been watching lots of video tutorials about the Animator and people are connecting lots of States with lots of transitions, but it seems my Animator can only make one transition for State, i don’t know why.
I’ve tried reinstalling Unity and it doesn’t work.

I right click it and it works as it should

I make the transition. Try to right click it again and i can’t anymore, it works as if i was clicking on the background or something. ???

Can somebody help me?
It’s simple but i can’t get it to work and it just ruins everything.

@Alexsunday The issue started for me when I upgraded to 2020.3.32f1, it was fixed when I reverted to 2020.3.30f1. Hope this helps

Mark both states (ctrl click both or leftclick + drag to mark them) then right click the state that you wish the transition to start from. Works with 2020.3.32f1,Control click both and then right click on the one where you want the transition to start.
This worked for me in 2020.3.32f1

is there a fix for this without downgrading?

I have the same Problem with 2020.3.32f1. The answers do not Help, i am not able to create a second transition. Any other Suggestions?