Animator causes FPS to drop

Are animators supposed to have a huge impact on FPS?

In my test scene, I have a single animator that continuously rotates an image and a button to toggle it on/off. When it is on, the FPS drops to 30 from 60 in the simulator. I think something similar happens on device.

They shouldn’t, as far as I know. Since you’re rotating an image, this might be a more general issue with UGUI performance. If possible, it would help if you could submit a bug report with a repro case and let us know the incident number (IN-#####).

I just submitted a bug report. The incident number is IN-65491.

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Thanks! Just wanted you to know that we received the report, can reproduce, and are looking into it.

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This particular case (animating the UI element transform) should be fixed in the next release. There may be other issues with UI performance, of course, so definitely let us know/submit reports if you notice other causes of slowdown.

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In general we’ve found UGUI performance to be incredibly slow, to the point where it might actually kill our project on VisionOS. We are a launch title, in theory, so this is and has been a huge pain point for us. Our major concerns form come from performance around scrolling UI content, but simply loading scenes is also super slow.

It seems to me that once a UI is loaded, it runs fine, but as soon as elements on that scene start moving around, the frame rate drops to about 1fps, or less. I can only assume that the Unity to RealityKit replication occurs in full on any canvas layout event, instead of just updating positions etc on the RealityKit side