Animator causes HUGE physics.processing cause framerate drop from 120fps to 4fps

hello guys , i’m using unity 5.6.0f3 , i don’t know whats wrong , i’m making a 3rd person Android game , game runs normaly when there is only my rigibody player character (skined mesh) on the viewport , but when i add another character (or copy my player ) to the scene or make it active , the phisics processsing becomes CRAZY and drops my game into 4 fps , it runs on 4fps on my i5 laptop in unity editor , and its kind of freezed on android device

PS: - my 2 skined mesh characters have 6k verts each
- i have 40 batches , 25 set pass calls , scene tries: 45.0k ,scene verts: 67k, shadow casters: 0, visible skinedmesh : 2

the picture bellow shows physics processing when 2 skined mesh on the scene and visible to camera Imgur: The magic of the Internet

i figured out something , both characters have same Animator , its the one responsible for that huge physics processing , look here when animator disabled vs enabled Imgur: The magic of the Internet

the problem wasn’t related to the animator , i have so many stairs on my scene , with mesh collider on them , the mesh collider was the problem , but still wondering desabling the animator was able to fix it lol