Animator Component Lags Game Startup, Substantially

I have an Animator component on my character. When I start the game, it stutters around and freezes for about 2-8 seconds. The main thread spikes up to 300ms(three-hundred), then to around 80ms, and finally comes to rest at around 6.7 ms. When I uncheck the Animator component on my player in the inspector, and start the game again, the game starts up fine; no lag or stuttering or anything. I looked around in my scripts and other things for a long time; disabling them one by one to see what the issue is. It is JUST the Animator component on my character that is causing this.

Does anyone have an idea as to why this is happening? My animator controller consists of 4 different states, and 3 bools.

Thank you.

Thanks to all who viewed. If anyone else comes across this problem, the solution is to simply remove and re-add the Animator component. You will of course have to reapply your animator controller.

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