Animator Controllers need "redirect" or "rerouting" nodes

Once an animator controller's state machine has more than a small handful of nodes, the transitions often become difficult to route and read. It would be great if the Animator Controller's editor UI could support something like "reroute" or "redirect" nodes to give the user more control over how transitions are routed on screen. These would be movable nodes that can be inserted on a transition in order to route it more legibly within the graph.

I realize the Animator Controller supports subgraphs, which definitely help somewhat with the complexity problem. But even in small machines with just 4 or 5 nodes, you have little control over how the transitions will overlap with nodes and each other.

Unity's ShaderGraph UI has redirect nodes, and they work great. I've attached an image showing a simple ShaderGraph example. Could Animator Controllers get something like this?


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I also want this

Why does this not have more people raising issue? It would make a huge difference in peoples preception of the animator.