Animator does not cycle properly

I recently took over a project labeling a 3d model of a heart and am stumped on one part.

The issue: If you click a label, it will appear. If you click another label while that one is up it will appear over the previous one (not a problem). When you click the second label to turn them all off it goes to a blank canvas/label.

Example. 1. Click aorta → aorta label pops up-> 2. click left atrium → left atrium label pops up (can’t see the aorta label anymore) → 3. click left atrium again to turn off labels → A blank label pops up. ( I got it to make a blank one appear)

What you may need to know about this project:

  • Heart is labeled using box colliders (multiple per part) that once clicked call upon the label

  • The labels are a canvas that is animated to make it look more fluid

  • The labels have a title and a text component

  • If you click a label, and then click it again afterward it should turn it off

  • **Here are some images of the animator during this - Unity Answers help - Album on Imgur **

    public string title = “Update this name”;
    public string text = “Update this descriptive text”;
    public bool isClicked = false;

     Animator anim;
     public GameObject titleText; //assign by dragging in editor
     public GameObject copyText; //assign by dragging in editor
     public GameObject NoLabel;
     void Awake()
     	anim = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag ("Canvas").GetComponentInChildren<Animator> ();
     void OnMouseUp()
     		isClicked = true;
     		titleText.GetComponent<Text>().text = title;
     		copyText.GetComponent<Text>().text = text;
     		anim.SetTrigger ("DrawLabel");
     		titleText.GetComponent<Text>().text = "";
     		copyText.GetComponent<Text>().text = "";
     		anim.SetTrigger ("RemoveLabel");
     		isClicked = false;


1.Try removing exit time on every label first.


  • click on label, you see animation transition in your inspector column.
  • Click on arrow (transition) between your labels
  • unchecked the exit time

2.Loop it


  • double click on your labels and you will see model.rig.Animations in settings
  • Select Animations, check the loop time(enable it).

Hope this works for you.