Animator event at the end of transition.

Hello. What would be the best way to make an Event when a a transition is done transitioning into the next state?

This is super old thread, but as far as i can see, “Add Behaviour” in Animator can solve this problem.
That will create the script for your state, which has several methods handy for such requirements.

Check this out: Unity - Scripting API: StateMachineBehaviour


First of all Create a Script which should have the method that should trigger at the end of the animation.
For Example:

 Public Void OnAnimationEnd()
    Debug.Log("Animation Just Completed");

Attach this script to the gameobject for which animation is attached.Now select the gameobject for which animator/animation is attached and press Ctrl+6. A window opens with the animation that is being attached for the selected gameobject.Now,Follow the attached screenshots.
This holds good if the animation is made in unity.If you want to trigger events for the animations that were created in Maya/3dsMax,import the model,select the model in project,check inspector for animations.
Check these links:link 1,link 2