Animator - How to start animation on event


I have a hovering animation for a card which basically changes rotation of the card.
On mouse over card it’s being hovered (upscaled).
I want animation to start playing when card is fully scaled.

If I attach animation directly there could be abrupt change in rotation since animation is played constantly (even if turned off until upscaling is finished) and final rotation can land past beginning state.

I try to do it with animator but it seems that this doesn’t work. I have a bool that is set to true when upscaling finishes. But animation doesn’t start.
I attached inspector screenshot for details. NonHoveredState is an empty state without animation. IdleHoveredCard state is an animation dragged&dropped to animator window.


When I pause - I see that flag state is changed and transitions are made in animator correctly but IdleHoveredCard animation still doesn’t affect game object.

I think the problem was that the object was instantiated from prefab.
Issue was solved by creating and setting new animation clip on instance of prefab on scene.