Animator in assetbundle from iphone app not play

Hi community!

I build a assetbundle of a simple prefab red cube, that have a Animator with one simple rotation animation.

For build the assetbundle i use AssetsBundlesManager for create assetbundle with Unity 5.x. (In my case 5.2.1f)

I Test the bundle in the editor Mac, editor Windows and Android (with their respective type assetbundle) and it’s ok, but in iphone or ipad the animation of animator not play.

I now that in assetsbundles the scripts, they are not added, but the animator is associated to the gameobject in prefab, and i not have scripts in the assetbundle.

This has happened to you ?

Any help is received, thanks

found the post below which suggested that Strip engine code was the issue. if you disable Strip engine code, the animator starts working again.