Animator in Unity 5

boys, i just returned to work after upgrading to unity 5 and i have no idea how to do animations now.
what i always did was:

public Animator _animatorplayer { get; set; }

void Start () {

      _animatorplayer = GetComponent<Animator>();


but now it doesn’t seem to work anymore. i already read the other posts, and tried the suggestions, like checking root motions, static, redoing my animator controller, readding my character cotnroller…
pl help

Try void Awake() instead of Start()

void Awake ()
		_animatorplayer = GetComponent <Animator> ();

The awake function is similar to the start() function but it gets called regardless of whether the script is enabled or not. I use it to setup my animations.

ok, i solved it.
The avatar in the Animator inspector had to be create from the mesh, i was using a standard humanoid. But … the workflow from blender has always had lots of issues, still don’t know if Unity 5 has solved them.