Animator.initialize Stuttering.

In our Project,We have a PoolManager to create Objects,When need GameObject,just Active/Deactive them,But if the Object have Animator Component,we active the GameObject,the Animator.Initialize use more can we just deactive/active the object,but not let Animator un/initialize?
AnyBody help?Thanks verymuch!!!

I meet the same problem before, I change the obect’s Animator Culling Mode to Based On Renderer this helped, but not very useful, just a litter bit help . you can try .

Looks like I was able to fix our problem… The spawning code was using the pool manager to spawn it, but we were using a new prefab that was not put into the pool, so poolmanager was having to instantiate it at during game play. For some reason this was causing a 1000ms hiccup, where, for whatever reason, pre-loading it with the pool manager at game start does not cause the same issue.