Animator is not playing a Playable

I am receiving a Warning in the log when I make a call to Animator:SetBool

Below is the call trace I am getting from it:

Animator is not playing a Playable
UnityEngine.Animator:SetBool(String, Boolean)
ItemPurchaseConfirmation:BeginPurchase(ButtonBuy, Action 1) (at Assets/ItemPurchaseConfirmation.cs:48)
ButtonBuy:OnButton() (at Assets/Code/Scripts/Store/ButtonBuy.cs:46)

I have made sure that the proper Animator object is being referenced in the script. The animator starts using a single-keyframe animation setting the position of a RectTransform to be above the screen. This transitions to another single-keyframe animation with the transform near the middle of the screen when the SetBool method is called. If I manually enable the boolean value in the Animator GUI, then the transition occurs as expected and the “animation” plays naturally, but not when this is done by a script.

The method call happens and the error above is thrown. The Animator component on the object in question has all defaults except for the controller described above. (Avatar: none; Apply Root Motion: false; Update Mode: normal; Culling Mode: always)

I think a single key does not count as a Playable Animation.

In the past I have had to use at least 2 keys in my animation. Sometimes in order to achieve this I simply duplicated the first frame and then unity behaved normally.

If you create a new Animation Clip in the Animation window you will notice it has a key at 0 and a key at 1s by default.

this has something to do with prefabs and instances of such. I have the same problem but I do not know how to fix it.