Animator issue one frame animations?

I’m trying to put some animations on this crocodile and it’s working ok. There seems to be a slight delay for when he is attacking in the air even though I’ve ticked off “Has exit time”. I’m not sure why that is. But I’ve got three animations that are only one frame long. I want the character to transition into this frame or pose for a certain amount of time. These animations are, jumping, when he freezes in the air and is about to stomp towards the ground and when he lands at the ground after jumping. You can sort of see him doing the jumping for a split second but not long enough before he goes back to idle, the stomping you don’t get to see at all and same with when he is touching the ground. Is there some way to make the character hold a pose for longer than the one frame?


Perhaps your exit time is forcing state changes. Disable exit time and make your States Parameter driven, perhaps. A proper state flow is essential.