Animator.Speed Overrides My Animation

Hello guys i’m trying to make an changing, playing animation by via float value.
I did everything and its working but everybody on forum suggests the use animatorRef.Speed = 0 but when i use this my animation wont play that all. If i make the animatorRef.speed = 1 my animation overrides the float value.

What should i do? I want to play the animation with animator without overriding. I even make the animator.speed = 1 and make it an empty animation to default anim but it wont work even i did this still its overrides the animation.

Hi, I’m very confused why are you setting the animator reference speed to 0? With an animation speed of 0 the animation will never play it’s sort of the equivalent of setting time.timescale to 0.
I think you may be mixed up between animatOR and animatION.

The animator manages all animations under it, and when you set the animator speed it affects ALL animations within it.

The animation is an individual animation within the animator and when you set the animation speed it affects ONLY the animation. Note that this will still be affected by the animator on top of this.
If I’ve missed the problem completely can you please provide more context as to what exactly is going wrong with a code snippet.